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Här kommer det att stå lite om APRS , Det kommer även att finnas länkar så du kan se vart vi är med vår husbil och lite senare var vi är med våra bilar.

What is APRS? The Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) is a packet radio system used for tracking objects, including people, vehicles, boats, aircrafts, manned or unmanned balloons, weather systems, or just about anything, using an Amateur Radio digital mode called unconnected (UI) packets. APRS was developed by Bob Bruninga/WB4APR, and was first introduced to the Amateur Radio Community at the ARRL Computer Networking Conference in New Jersey in 1992. Over the past 12 years, APRS usage has grown and expanded across the globe. Many new features and capabilities have been added since its inception.
Equipments for APRS are relatively inexpensive.  A basic system consist of a two meter handheld radio, an encoder/TNC and a GPS unit or in my world I use Kenwoods TMD-710 and THD-7

Want to know where in the Europe, we are right now?
click here  This map can be zoomed in or out, you can also click on the red dots to get more info about that red dot. No need to refresh map, it automatically updates itself.

Var är vi med husbilen: Titta under Our RV eller webcam

Where are we with our RV: Look under Our RV or webcam

Live APRS no need to update.

Links to moving aprs staions

Eva walking                                 Where is Olaf, SD7RA/DL4RA

Ronald walking                            Where is Knut, SD7KR/DK2RA

Where is SM7VLL                         OUR RV via TCPIP

Where is SM7YGW                       AIS, look for ship traffic

Where is SM7BHM                       Other AIS link

Where is SM7CFF                       

Where is Eva, SM7XGS               Where is OZ0CAB

My self with Samsung aprs

If none of this is moving try this one! 

If you will see it in 3D

Är du trött att titta på oss eller AIS så kan du titta på flyget över europa istället.


Klicka på banneren här under så kommer ni till SSAs aprs sida.


Automaatic Packet Reporting System info in English

När du är trött på oss och våra galenskaper kan du gå hit.




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